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Holly Apgar
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Confidentiality Policy

HJB Venture Partners understands the sensitive nature of your company's private information, and in order to allow you to be confident in the safety of any information you share with us, we have instituted a company-wide confidentiality policy.

HJB Venture Partners is dedicated to maintaining the trust of its clients and recognizes confidentiality as an important part of this. HJB Venture Partners, its employees, contractors, and any other agents who legally operate under its name will not disclose any nonpublic technical or business information, which is marked as confidential or otherwise communicated under circumstances that would cause one to reasonably conclude it should be treated as confidential, for a period of three years or until our client releases such information publicly. During this period, disclosure of confidential information will be limited to employees or contractors working under HJB Venture Partners with a need to know such information to fulfill the duties of HJB Venture Partners to the client.

HJB Venture Partners similarly respects the information of prospective clients and maintains the same level of confidentiality in all dealings with prospective clients.

If you have highly sensitive information that you would like to discuss but are concerned about doing so, feel free to talk to us about a signed nondisclosure agreement. We are willing to sign nondisclosure agreements in most cases.