Business Services

  • TestingStrategy & Planning

Is your business moving in the right direction? Equally important, is it moving in the right direction as fast as it could? Where may future opportunities lie and how should you prepare for them? HJB Venture Partners consultants can analyze your business and refocus you towards a path of long-term and growth maximization.

  • Business Development

Are you effectively acquiring technologies that will drive your product development pipeline? The staff of HJB Venture Partners work closely with client teams to define technology, market and product strategies and translate these into real-world operational plans. Our scope includes:

Market entry strategy
Business development
Product development
Formulation of business plans

  • Due Diligence

We undertake all aspects of due diligence, including science/technology, IP, development, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial.

Team members have conducted due diligence in Merger & Acquisition, Initial Public Offerings and Venture Capital financing settings. We also undertake opportunity analysis relevant to business development (new product development, technology acquisition, market entry, etc).

  • Competitive Intelligence

What are your competitors doing? What new life science products or technologies are they developing? HJB Venture Partners can help you answer these questions using means that are ethical and professional while also keeping the identity of your company in strict confidence.

  • Partnerships

Are you thinking about collaborating with other companies? HJB Venture Partners can identify potential partners, determine potential synergies and conflicts, and work from contract negotiation to execution and relationship management to maximize the value of the partnership for your company.

  • Risk Analysis

We have an experienced management team, external experience to conduct a deep dive risk analysis on your business proposition and technology.

  • Merger/Buyout Strategies & Positioning

Trying to get bought out by a large company? Thinking about merging with another company to achieve greater combined growth? We can help you value your business, analyze buyers, and help position your company for maximum value to potential buyers.